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Batman v Superman: 4 Pre-Movie Fan Theories

The biggest gladiator match in the history of the world is just over a month away. To wet the appetite of your waiting, impatiently waiting ;), minds, here are some interesting theories that have come up using the material we have seen in the teasers, trailers, television spots and also the previous movie, Man of Steel.

Also these are not confirmed plot details or story-lines, so do not expect spoilers here. These are just thought-biscuits (which basically says I have nothing else to do). Let’s begin.

 1. The cape of the metal armoured Bat-suit has been made using kryptonite.


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We all know that Batman is a world-class strategist. Also if the other side has Superman in it, Batman needs to have his best game on. He requires the metal armour to withstand the blows that Superman is going to rain on him. But then why does he require the cape? It is quite obvious that it won’t help Batman glide through the sky like it did in Nolan’s trilogy. Also that cape appears to be quite heavy which would be just a dead-weight if it was present just for looks.

But if the cape is made of kryptonite (yes it is possible to weave in metallic wires with bores filled with the said rock), it can be the most awesome modified weapon against Superman. Just imagine Batman suffocating Superman by covering his head with the cape and then punching him like he punched a bad guy into the ground in the final trailer. That would give us one hell of an action sequence.

2. Most of the shots of Superman seen until now actually shows Bizarro.


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This is kind of a stretch. Bizarro is an imperfect copy of Superman made by Lex Luthor as his counter to Superman. He is believed to be the mirror image of Superman with the notable powers like heat vision, freeze breath reversed to freeze vision and heat breath and more along similar lines.

The reason why this theory is less probable because it won’t fit into an already crowded film. Also Bizarro, in comics, has a child like character, something which does not fit with the theme: Dawn of Justice. I would personally pay more for Henry Cavill to play Bizarro to see his two different acting styles in the same movie, but the same thing may bring down or completely change the tone, because Bizarro is that kind of bad guy you feel sorry for. More similar reasons can be made against this theory than for. But it can be interesting take on the psychological side of Superman if it is done in a different movie.

3. Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor have funded the creation of Doomsday together.


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Man of Steel sets up that Kryptonian is the first alien race that humanity has discovered. This makes people think whether there are others like Superman and Zod. Also this actually unleashes a whole new world of knowledge to the brilliant minds of humanity, like Lex Luthor.

According to this theory, Lex is motivated to resurrect Zod. This would require a great amount experimentation and thus money. We also know that many people have varying opinions on how to control Superman or rather whether he should be controlled or not. But most people would not risk another destruction event like what happened in Metropolis by resurrecting Zod. Lex knows this and thus has limited resources to work on the experiment.

Enter Bruce Wayne. Bruce, for whatever reasons, wants to help Lex take down Superman. But he rejects the idea when he learns that Lex plans to create a new monster, Doomsday, a monster that can’t be controlled, just like Superman.(lol…they totally did what they didn’t want to) This shows that Bruce is willing to go to any degree to take down Superman.

4. Bruce wins the first round.


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Clark has not set his dual identity in complete secret. If someone gets a good look of his face while he is Superman, he or she can easily make the connection. We have seen this in Man of Steel. Lois knows who Clark is. Also Lois is famous (she is a Pulitzer prize winning reporter). This means Bruce can extract information about Superman from Lois. If we assume that Lois can hold herself from revealing Superman’s identity, it is possible to extract information about his powers. Also the soldiers who fought Zod’s sub-commander Faora-Ul will have documented analysis of Kryptonian powers.

He can then coat the inside of his cowl with lead as a measure against Superman’s X-ray vision. This will help him, if he runs into Superman (or tries to run over him with the Batmobile :D) to taunt Clark into making some kind of mistake. Hence by the use of his wits, he has one-up over Superman. Classic World’s Greatest Detective Shit! <3

Have any more such theories? Let us know in the comments section and get the conversation started! The greatest gladiator match begins now!

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