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Getting Candid With Mark Cuban

We got a chance to interview Mark Cuban, Billionaire investor Shark Tank star and the owner of Dallas Mavericks. He mentions about how his life changed after becoming a billionaire and some more interesting things. Check it out:

1. Luck or hard work. What has brought you where you currently are?

Luck impacted the scale. I was lucky that the IPO market and stock market were taking off when we started the streaming industry.
I was lucky that I was excited about local area networking before any one else was and started a systems integration company.
But it was hard work that put me in a position to leverage those lucky circumstances

2. How did it feel when you became a billionaire and what is the biggest
impact has money made in your life?

I felt great! And the biggest impact is that i dont have to worry about money. I have come home to find the lights turned off. I have had my credit card cut up. Its great to know I dont have to worry about every bill i get now

3. Has money changed you as a person?

Yes. Its hard not to change at all. But i think im pretty much the same person. But you would have to ask my friends

4. Your latest app Cyberdust (Now Dust) is in direct competition with major market leaders like Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. What according to you sets your app apart?

Not really. Whatsapp is purely messaging. Snapchat is pictures for 12 year olds.
Cyber Dust is a privacy platform. We do messaging and its very private , unless snapchat or whats app. No message ever touches a hard drive. So once its  read, there is no way to recover it. Not even the NSA could recover it.
In addition, Cyber Dust dramatically increases your productivity over email. When email comes to you, you can open it whenever you want, like cyber dust (our clock doesnt start ticking till you open it or 24 hours, whichever comes first, and we delete the message after its read).  However, because a message is deleted immediately after you read it, you naturally respond to the message immediately.  And the message is much shorter because of the timer on messages.
Using Cyber Dust for updates, quick exchanges and email for longer exchanges that i want to keep has reduced my email inbox considerably and increased my productivity considerably.
We are also a broadcast medium that is a great complement to twitter. Twitter is open and public, so its great for getting the word out for a lot of people. Its a great medium for a continuous flow of tweets and small updates. But you have to sanitize everything you do on twitter since there are so many trolls and even business associates who use it to abuse you or judge you.
On cyber dust, with our blast feature, you can blast anything, pictures, links, gifs, and soon organic video to any number of people that follow you with one click of a button or to a focused group with 2 clicks
The difference is that twitter is timeline based and public. Blast on Cyber Dust is inline. ON twitter you have no idea how many of your followers actually see a tweet. And twitter is fine with that because they want you to buy promoted tweets, like facebook does with posts. On Cyber Dust, Blasts are inline.
The blast goes right to the user and you are guaranteed that they will see your message.
The second big advantage is the privacy of Cyber Dust. I can blast something to any number of users, and when they reply, they reply to me. No one else can see it. No one else can troll and make comments about the blast for all to see. Its a far better way to develop personal relationships with large groups of users . You dont have to worry about others seeing it in Cyber Dust. ITs between you and the sender only.
That leads to better relationships. More open and honest interaction and its also a much faster way to connect than other mediums.

5. What is the secret behind your endless energy? This is in reference to your quote “Work like there is someone working twenty-four hours a day to take it all away from you.”

I just love to compete and win. No other reason

6. “Money makes you extremely handsome”, do you still believe in that quote of yours?

Ask any girl i knew or know. I never got the attention I got after I made a lot of money 🙂
Fortunately my wife is amazing, so i only get to gawk and wonder in amazement !

7. Shark Tank Season 6 Premiere dates have been announced. Can you describe in one word what to expect this season?

Big. Bigger deals. Bigger Companies. BIG

8. You’ve been famously known for speaking your heart out without thinking about the aftermath. What are your views on the same?

I try to tell the truth and be intellectually honest. Its that simple.

9. What do you think is the future of app markets? Also would like to know your views about the Google Glass tech.

Apps are here to stay, the only question is where will they live, phones or other devices.
As far as google glass, the concept is amazing. The applications though are tough. I think there is a chance the occulus rift will be the first head set glass that has an impact and when glass is shrunk from something that you need to look through,  to be more of a wearable sensor that prompts yout based on data it sees, feels, senses, then they will have something

10. How many countries in the world have you travelled so far and which is the country you’d want to visit next? (in that awesome private jet of yours 😉 )

Not enough.
Nikhil Malankar
Nikhil is the founder of Tell Me Nothing and has a huge interest in making and playing games. He is also into game development and has written a published book on the same.

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